Sunday, October 3, 2010


These are my two best friends. They are both very different but equally lovely. I think that's why we are all so close. They each have their own distinct style and they don't apologize for it or compromise. A (right) has outrageous style. She can wear absolutely anything and pull it off. She rarely brushes her hair, and she finds pieces of clothing you would never think could go together and makes it work, not only does she make it work she makes it look beautiful. L (left) on the other hand is more subdued. She is not as outrageous but I would never call her plain. Whenever she wears an outfit she always has one item that draws attention and tells a story, whether it's an antique ring or a vintage handbag. She never wears makeup, but you could never tell. I love these girls.


  1. I love that you did a post about your two best friends and how different and beautiful they each are. It gives me an idea to do the same. Just lovely!
    Great blog, my dear! Happy to have found you! I'm your newest follower. Stop by some time and follow back if you fancy - would love to see you there.


    November Grey

  2. love the photos!


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