Monday, July 12, 2010

bag lady.

My favorite accessories without a doubt are bags. I have more than enough but I feel like I always need more. A long time ago I stumbled across Longchamp bags, particularly the classic "le pliage" bag. While simplicity and versatility are great aspects of any bag what really struck me was the collaboration between Longchamp and Jeremy Scott (famous for lady gaga's mickey mouse glasses). He took the same shape of the famous longchamp bag and used interesting patterns to make the bag stand out. While I love all of the collaborations between Longchamp and jeremy scott, the floral "le pliage" bag with airplanes is my favorite 100%. Pictured is the classic bag followed by some of the many collaborations.


  1. very cute! i love the fun prints!!

  2. Hey , just found ur blog .
    I love the way you write & the photos are hella cool.
    Please check out my blog with behind the scenes photos & fashion updates !

  3. thanks alot! much appreciated. You're blogs are great I will be sure to follow.


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