Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I absolutely love literal, eccentric, unique jewelry. For me, hoop earrings, lockets, diamond studs, and pearl necklaces never really did the trick. I was always drawn to more eye-catching creations. I have posted some jewelry before, like a skull bracelet and a ring that is a finger tip and those are things that I love because they are so simple yet so creative. I am repeating myself now so instead of doing that I will post my newest acquisition. A chain link necklace, I love how it looks as though I went to a hardware store bought chain links and threw it on my neck (which, lets be honest, I kinda wish I had thought of doing). Hmm, perhaps I will do my accessory shopping at Home Depot?


  1. niceeeee. i have this huge pink translucent chain necklace from h&m and i always get compliments when i wear it. they're just so badass!

  2. awesome chain necklace! and i totally agree - i never really liked pearls or charms either - this is much more fun!!

    visit me again soon :)


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