Monday, July 19, 2010

Guessing Game

Sometimes (no most times) when I am reading magazines I like to cover up the designer and see if I can guess who created the clothing. Soo nerdy I know but, my guesses are based purely on the aesthetic of the designer. Sometimes I guess a lot, sometimes none. But most times I can guess one designer correctly, because his creations are completely and totally unique to him. I think we all know that this is the one and only Marc Jacobs. Some designers shift their point of views and each collection is different from the next. With Marc Jacobs there is always a common thread of spunk and edginess that is completely cohesive throughout every single piece of clothing he has created. The inspiration for this post was the dress below, which I saw in Elle magazine a long time ago and what do you know, I knew exactly who had designed it the moment I laid eyes on the dress. This particular dress is gorgeous, completely unique and screams Marc Jacobs.


  1. oh my goodness i do that too! i get really excited when i get them right too haha.

  2. I'm not talented enough to guess. The most I can do is sit there and think Ooooh, that's pretty.

  3. once you read enough fashion magazines, you get the hang of it!


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